King Edwin School
King Edwin School
A Spark of Genius North East School

We were thrilled to be part of the DfE summer school 2021

In total we had 54 student days of summer school across the summer holidays, that 36 students took part in. 

What did we do?

Each of our sections of school had a different plan for summer school. 

Our Lower School students spent time in school working on challenges including maths challenges, English challenges, science challenges and team building games.

In our Middle School we went to a football coaching day, we went to our linked farm and we went to the Life Centre in Newcastle. We also went out to visit a Zoo in Northumberland and for a day at Whitby Abbey. 

In our upper school we attended a Go Karting day and took part in a football tournament, as well as taking part in a visit to the Metro Centre and a visit to Lightwater valley.

Every student did work on their personal EHCP targets while they were taking part in this, which helped them to get ready to be back in school.

What did it cost?

We did not charge any parents for any activity, and we were given funding by the Department for Education to cover the costs of what we did. Broadly we spent:

£2600 on staff

£3500 hiring the farm for the summer school

£2200 on other trips, food and other resources such as for team building  

A big thank you to the Department for Education for coming up with such a great idea and allowing our students to take part in it.

What happened as a result?

  • We got to do more summer work than we normally do because we were able to hire extra staff and extra facilities (we were also taking part in welfare visits and calls for our students over and above the summer school programme)
  • Our students got to learn together in a fun, informal way and have some great experiences over summer
  • Everyone was looking forward to getting back to school and getting on with their learning