King Edwin School
King Edwin School
A Spark of Genius North East School

Welcome to King Edwin

We are a small, friendly independent school based in Norton, a small village in Stockton on Tees. We cater for students from a range of 
backgrounds and with a range of learning needs, all of whom have either Social, Emotional or Mental Health needs, or an Autism Spectrum 
condition or disorder. We welcome visits to our school, these can be arranged by contacting the school using any of the options on our 
'Contact us' page.

Our aims and ethos are based on respecting each other and being kind, and on developing the qualities that we believe are the most 
useful for preparing for adult life - being resilient (able to cope with setbacks and having some determination), having a growth mindset 
(trying our best and understanding we can learn new skills), being kind to each other and ourselves, and having responsibility for our 
own actions. 

We know that everyone tries their best to have a good day every day, and that sometimes it does not work out, but that we can try again. 
We have a 'no judgement' approach when problems happen, and we work with our students and each other to find a way through 
tricky situations.

Welcome from the school Principal

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Welcome to our school website. I hope you find the information that is included here useful. However, we are also very happy to provide more information and to offer visits to the school. Please contact us using our 'Contact us' page if you would like to receive a call or have more information.

And a big welcome from our 'therapy dog in training' Buddy!

Lorna McLean


What our students say about our school....

  • Pupils spoken to commented that school 'feels like being part of a happy family,' evidencing how safe and secure other students, staff and leaders make them feel. (Ofsted report 6 February 2019)

And our parents....

March 24
"It’s so nice to hear that he’s settling in well. It might not sound like a big thing, but to us it’s massive how happy he is to go to school. Massive relief! 
He seems more positive about doing school work, he showed me a piece of English he had completed and was so happy with himself (as was I). 
Hopefully he gets into the routine of doing work daily, but I’m so glad it’s positive. Thank you all for your help and support and for actually caring about"

"Both parents would like to say thank you for giving xx a trial at King Edwin. He has absolutely blown us away on how much he wants to attend your school. 
Each morning he has been up at 7am asking to put his school hoodie on and come in. This morning (Saturday) he was wanting to come to school lol. 
In all his time in an Education setting  he has never settled and we have had loads of meltdowns. It is now a pleasure to bring him into school 
and pick him up.

His staff team have been absolutely brilliant with him and the behaviors he is showing tells us he feels really comfortable with them and doesn’t 
need to wear a mask. This in past has caused a great deal of stress as he would show the coke bottle effect when home. We do not see that now. 

HUGE thank you once again for giving xxx his trial."

Our school song!

Our students wrote and recorded a song that sums up our school values perfectly. We hope you enjoy it, but you won't be surprised to know it's not available on Spotify or iTunes just yet.
  • King Edwin - rap

Read our OFSTED reports (click to access).